How You Can Help

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Support for campaigns for public office are comprised of three components:

1. Financial:  Ever wonder where the money comes from that buys the signs you see along roadways or in yards, or newspaper ads, or messages you receive in the mail, or informational flyers left by someone who knocked on your door?  They come from contributions from individuals or business that are interested in good government.  Those contributions enable candidates to tell their story about what they intend to do if elected.  

Without your financial help, no matter how small, your candidate is severely handicapped.  Your help is vital.  

2. Personal Involvement: Campaigns are won by the candidate who visits neighborhoods, meets voters, and gets their message directly to the voter.  You are much more likely to vote for the person who rings your doorbell and asks for your vote, or by someone who believes in the candidate enough to assist that candidate in ringing doorbells to deliver the candidate’s message.  Another important way to help is to wave signs in the days leading up to election day.  Those folks standing on intersection corners play an important role too.

If you want to get involved, this is the place to volunteer.  Let your candidate know you are available.

3. Indirect Involvement: Even if you’re unable to assist financially or physically, you can lend your name to the campaign by endorsing your candidate.  For most folks, looking at the list of people or organizations who are endorsing your candidate is one of the first things they do. 

Your friends will take your endorsement as a measure of the confidence you have in your candidate.  Let your candidate know that you want to endorse.